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Data Analysis & Dissemination Unit

Background & Objective

Programme Monitoring, data analysis and dissemination is one of the most important tools for measuring the programme performance and take informed decision and course-correction (if any). To overcome this challenge, a Data Analysis and Dissemination Unit is set up at National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) under NACP-IV with the objective to ensure strengthening systematic analysis, synthesis, development and dissemination of Knowledge products in various forms and to ensure emphasis on Knowledge Translation as an important element of policy making and programme management at all levels. Data Analysis and Dissemination Unit has added the ‘Missing Fourth Leg’ to the existing structure of SIMU that is ensuring delivery of its essential and important core functions.

National Data Analysis Plan

To address the evidence gaps in the programme and to make the best use of available data, the Data Analysis and Dissemination Unit has initiated the National Data Analysis Plan (NDAP) under NACP-IV. The NDAP is an effort to analyze the huge amount of data generated under the programme, to develop analytic documents, scientific papers, journal articles, etc. for publication and wider dissemination, and to provide scientific evidence for programme management by strengthening and scaling up appropriate strategies.

The objectives of National Data Analysis Plan:

(i) To identify the topics/thematic areas that can be studied by analysing available programme data;
(ii) To structure the analysis by identifying key questions and appropriate methodologies/tools for analysis;
(iii) To commission the analysis through a collaborative approach involving institutes, programme units and senior experts as mentors, with agreed timelines;
(iv) To consolidate, discuss and disseminate the analytical outcomes for programmatic use; and
(v) To promote scientific writing within the programme in the form of papers, articles, reports,

NDAP’s initiative is helping in developing skills for reviewing large programme data sets for quality issues, systematic analysis of data, conceptualization of research questions, formulating hypotheses and scientific writing.

In the first round, around 28 institutions (ICMR, medical colleges, development partners and multilateral agencies) apart from NACO and SACS collaborated with NACO in facilitating NDAP. 68 analysts from various institutions, including SACS, ICMR, medical colleges and consultants were engaged. 30 mentors (senior researchers in HIV across the country) were engaged to mentor the analysts. Reports on 21 topics summarizing the findings and programme implications were prepared and 16 scientific articles submitted to the journals for publication. A dissemination seminar was organised on 30 September, 2015 for wider publicity of the NDAP findings.

Data Sharing

NACO has developed policy and guidelines that regulate sharing of data to external institutions/Organisations/Researchers. The data requests are processed as per the guidelines and data provided accordingly.

Capacity Building

Strengthening the capacity of M&E staff at various levels in analyzing data and making better use of it in decision making is central to the National HIV/AIDS Control programme and has been taken up by DADU from time to time. National level training of M&E officers for the current year has been successfully conducted.

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NDAP Report

Data Sharing Guidelines 2018

Draft NACP Data Management Guidelines 2020

Standard Operating Procedure for NACP Data Management at NACO, SACS and NACP establishment

Standard Operating Procedure for NACP Data Sharing at NACO and SACS