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Monitoring through SIMS

The heart of the routine monitoring system for NACP III was CMIS, an offline Computerized Management Information System (CMIS)introduced in 2002 to capture & maintain the database of HIV/AIDS control programme across the country.

SIMS Strategic Information Management System (SIMS), an integrated web-based reporting and data management system launched in 2008 to replace CMIS to strengthen the M&E systems at each level. SIMS captures monthly programme monitoring data and manages over 30,000 users across the country for various components of HIV/AIDS Control Programme. SIMS has made real time data entry & access to the user. The online Data Item Report is available for analysis and evidence based action, timely corrective measures for programme managers and policy makers which help in monitoring at the grass root level.

Enhancement of SIMS Reporting Capabilities

A library of pre-generated and downloadable Excel files - Standard Reports are developed in SIMS for ICTC, Blood Bank, STI and TI formats at National, State and RU level. The library is expanded to meet the demands of the various divisions. It is proposed to develop graphical and analytical reports in SIMS.

New Features Added in SIMS

  • Standard Report Module is developed to increase the Accessibility & Use of data at the State & National level having more than 4000 Excel files ready for download for Key Indicators providing Data / Information across state / District / RU.
  • Basic Profile Indicators are added on the Home Page of SIMS which is to be updated by each center so that the Name, Address, Mobile Number etc. is available at NACO / SACS / DAPCU level.
  • Report Section is now open at the Center / RU level to get the trend analysis and aggregate reports of their own monthly data. Each Section of Data Item Report is now generating all the Registered RU List so that the Indicators along with data can be compared across the sections.
  • Application in divided into ICTC and FICTC & Other Components to improve the performance.
  • Separate IT Applications namely PALS, IMS, PLHA White Card, Mobile App HELP, HSSP, MSDS, NIRANTAR, APATS apart from NACO Web Site & IHRC Resource Centre are developed at NACO to cater the need of the various programmes implemented at NACO.

NACO has numerous Information Systems serving the different divisions and the overall data needs of senior management. Major systems such as SIMS, PALS and IMS are complemented by many stand alone data streams that fill specific information needs of individual programs. The aim is to develop one intelligent and analytical platform for analysis and senior management decisions for various programmes of NACO.

Strategic Information Management System (SIMS) (Note: Open link in Internet Explorer)

SIMS Wall Chart Download (3.2 MB ) Monitoring through SIMS

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