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Release of Sankalak: Status of National AIDS Response

Development of a rich evidence base continues to be the cornerstone of the national AIDS response as India moves towards the “End of AIDS as a public health threat by 2030”. Fast-Track targets for 2020 have been adopted to measure progress towards achieving this ‘End of AIDS by 2030’. Concurrent analysis and reporting of evidences on the Fast-Track indicators will be key not only to track progress, but also for making mid-course corrections if required.

‘Sankalak’, a bulletin of Monitoring, Evaluation and Surveillance division, aims to report progress of the national AIDS response on select key indicators including those which are used to monitor the 2020 Fast-Track targets. Inaugural issue of ‘Sankalak’ was released on 22nd November 2017 by Shri Sanjeeva Kumar, AS & DG, NACO during National Consultation on HIV Interventions in Prisons & Other Correctional Institutions.

‘Sankalak’ summarizes the data on epidemic, at national and State level, and shows progress made under the prevention, testing and treatment programme for financial year (FY) 2016-17. Publication of ‘Sankalak’ is in response to the critical need for systematic analysis and dissemination of progress on indicators to stakeholders, including policy-makers, programme managers and technical staff under the NACP.

Sankalak - Status of National AIDS ResponseSankalak book